Hey there! If you're on my page you must be interested in capturing the mesmerizing beauty that is your newborn baby during the first few days of their life. You think you will forever remember their perfect little newborn faces but the ugly truth is, the more they grow and change, the less you remember how tiny and captivating they once were.


Newborn babies seem to grow by the hour and sometimes, us mummies can literally watch that magical time slip further and further away until it is but a distant memory. Well, I say thank god for technology!


As a professional newborn photographer in Malta, I strive to provide beautiful photos for the mummies and daddies to cherish as well as to distribute to grandparents, immediate family as well as close friends because, let's be honest, who doesn't want to receive a perfect photo of a cute little bun that's been in the oven for the past nine months?!


My job is to press pause on the button that is life and help families who have just welcomed a little miracle capture special moments for decades to come. Whether it's a first baby or an exited sibling waiting on their little brother or sister to join the family, I'm always happy to provide excellent newborn photography sessions in a friendly and cosy studio that I pride on having created myself, step by step and with a lot of help from my own family, (thanks for all the sewing, mum!).

Over time, I have created a number of different scenarios that would have mummies squealing as their newborns are placed in cute little miniature beds or beautifully designed wooden crates for their babies to pose on. With a lot of hard work and dedication, I can honestly and pridefully say that I have created many different scenarios parents can choose to forever immortalize their newborn peacefully snoozing away.


As a new born photographer in Malta, I carry out Maternity photoshoots, Sitter sessions as well as Cake Smash sessions. All of these photography services are elaborated on this website so feel free to browse!


I am always happy to answer any questions you might have so please, feel free to reach out!





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