Ok, let's talk about that baby bump! Watching your belly grow and make room for your unborn baby is perhaps the most emotional experience a woman goes through apart from the actual birth, of course!


I remember my own maternity photoshoot. Sometimes I look back on the photos and can't believe my belly was that big! Looking at my old maternity clothes was definitely not enough to rekindle memories of that short sweet time when my baby was still ever so sweetly developing.


A mother to be, in my opinion, is the most beautiful form a woman can be. The raw nature that is pregnancy must be captivated and, let's be honest, having such sweet memories of yourself expecting your baby would do nothing but bring tears to your eyes and a knot in your throat.


With many different stunning sceneries available in Malta, cliffs overlooking the sea or immersed in greenery, I'm sure mummies would have a hard time picking the backdrop that is Maltese nature.